Thursday, 29 October 2009

Mid-term EQF-Code project results to be promoted in November 2009

Albeit the partnership is busy working on various project tasks such as the European expert profiles to provide solid localized Reference Document and Training Guide / Handbook for vocational institutes, employers and employees respectively, offering them recommendations on how to transfer and apply instruments of European Qualification Framework and e-Competence Framework to multimedia professions, some work-in-progress project results will be already disseminated and possibly debated on two Hungarian events already in November.

These relatively early dissemination activities will help us gather valuable feedback that could increase the usability and quality of peoject results.

One of these events will be the yearly DAT Conference organized by MATISZ, this time on 10 November, 2009 in Budapest. At this event, the "Visible Hungary" Initiative will be introduced, that covers usability topics of the EQF-Code project, among others. The following roundtable discussion will also come around the VET aspects of the Digital Hungary development possibilities.

The other important dissemination possibility is at the X. eLearning Forum on 11 November, where all the relevant Hungarian educational representatives will participate (including the gremium planning/working on the National Qualification Profile), and a specific section is dedicated to higher- and vocational education topics as well.

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