Saturday, 9 October 2010

Cooperation in developing vocational education not only inside Europe

The German National Agency for Vocational Training (Bundesinstitut für Berufsbildung BIBB) has recently entered into a cooperation contract with the Indian Chamber of Industry FICCI. The agreement includes a regular exchange of knowledge and experiences in the fields of vocational education – for example regarding quality assurance of vocational education, general schooling of employees of training institutions, development of standards in vocational education as well as certification processes in vocational education.

Another initiative working together closely with the German National Agency is iMove. The „International Marketing of Vocational Education“ initiative has been working together closely with the FICCI for several years already and have been participating in the FICCI Global Skills Summit in New Delhi for the third time in August this year. At this yearly conference, key policy makers, skill development specialist and corporates at both national and international level get the chance to exchange best practices in the development of skills, also in view of the current reform of the Indian educational system. In questions of vocational education, India has been interested in German and other European systems for many years already: According the Anand Sharma, Indian Secreatry of Trade and Industry, the Indian vocational education system will be challenged by 200 million young Indians entering the system within the next 10 years. The cooperation with the German vocational education system could serve as a base for a transfer of knowledge in order to develop the Indian system further.

Further information in a current press release of the German National Agency (available in German).

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