Friday, 4 February 2011

CEN Workshop on ICT Skills releases "Interim Report on e-CF into SMEs"

The CEN Workshop on ICT Skills released an Interim Report in the framework of a project focusing on implementing the European e-Competence Framework (eCF) into ICT SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises).

The targeted project outcomes are as follows:
1. A proposal for adapting the eCF according to SME requirements.
2. An easy tool for e-competence needs analysis within SMEs based on the eCF.
3. An initial chart connecting ICT SMEs’ e-competences to e-certifications available on the market (both proprietary and open source), based on the e-CERT mapping method (i.e. the CWA on e-Certification).

The Interim Report is circulated for comments, specifically from the ICT SME community. EMF - The Forum of e-Excellence, which represents SMEs within the Workshop, would appreciate any comments that it could relay to the Workshop.

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