Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Green ICT: Trends and Challenges

Created by UPGRADE, a bi-monthly European informatics e-journal that covers many diverse topics of particular interest to IT professionals and academics, "Green ICT: Trends and Challenges" covers the following topics:
  • ICT: The Information Society’s Commitment for Environmental Sustainability
  • CEPIS Green ICT Survey – Examining Green ICT Awareness in Organisations: Initial Findings
  • The Five Most Neglected Issues in "Green IT"
  • Utility Computing: Green Opportunities and Risks
  • Good, Bad, and Beautiful Software – In Search of Green Software Quality Factors
  • Towards the Virtual Power Grid: Large Scale Modeling and Simulation of Power Grids
  • Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Smart Grid Applications
  • Green Computing: Saving Energy by Throttling, Simplicity and Parallelization
  • Towards Sustainable Solutions for European Cloud Computing
  • A State-of-the-Art on Energy Efficiency in Today’s Datacentres: Researcher’s Contributions and Practical Approaches

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