Tuesday, 20 March 2012

300 000 e-jobs positions to create in France !

Email Brokers publish a study about internet use in France and analysed that more than 300 000 jobs have to be created in France if mobilisation is done ! France has for that a good point, the domain name creation where 128.348 domain names were registered since January 2012, nevertheless e-commerce in France is not as well developped as in Germany, Netherlands, Sweeden or UK ! In those countries internet represents between 6 and 98 % of the total GDP as in France it represents only 3.7 % ! For 2,6 jobs created in e-jobs, it deletes only 1 job in non e-job !

To foster employment development and internet development Email Brokers proposes to prepare better youngs for future employment, better support for reconversion of workers into e-jobs, forster web presence of companies, and to create norms for professional websites

Source : http://www.email-brokers.com/_brochures/geomarketing_fr/FRANCE_Analyse_Geographique_2012.pdf

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