Thursday, 29 March 2012

FOM hosts German roundtable in Munich, May 16

The German roundtable will take place Wednesday, May 16 in the FOM study centre (Neue Hopfenpost, Arnulfstr. 30) in Munich.

In the course of the meeting, Dr. Ed Mahood (DEKRA Akademie) will not only present the PIN project and the e-Jobs Observatory, but also the processes to receive the e Jobs label and the certification of ones training. Michael Negri (FOM) will also give an insight into the existing network and the partners involved in the initiative. Subsequently, the participants will have the opportunity to discuss and evaluate the labelisation and certification process and help the consortium to improve on this aspect.

The event will be hosted by the FOM as is open for everyone interested in internet-related jobs. Please note that the meeting will be in German.

If you want to attend the roundtable to discuss, interact and inform among experts, please contact Michael Negri (FOM) via e-mail:

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