Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Development of BPO/SSC sectors in Poland an opportunity for ICT professionals !

According to latest research BPO/SSC (business process outsourcing/shared service center) sector is recognized as one of the industries with the greatest growth potential. Shared services center market is stil achieving year-over-year double-digit growth and its' future looks promising. Although a majority of jobs was still offered to graduates with good knowledge of foreign languages, more and more employers have been looking for professionals with up to 10 years of experience. 

Association of Business Service Leaders in Poland (ABSL) estimates that currently in 300 BPO/SSC  centers over 80 thousand people are employed and next year the number of employees may increase up to 100 thousand. According to the Polish Information and Foreign Investment (PAIIZ) Agency investments in services are the only kind of investments that haven't descreased recently.

The vast majority (about 200) of BPO centers in Poland specialize in IT and financial and accounting processes. This shouldn't change this year. This is confirmed by Marta Aserigadu, Business Services Delivery Manager HAYS - Accounting and IT processes are still the dominant features of the creation of SSC/BPO and that's why most of the jobs are offered to specialists. The ideal candidate for employers in BPC/SSC sector should have the ability to work effectively in a team, what sometimes causes problems for generation Y candidates, who prefer rather to work as individuals. Employers also put great emphasis on openness, communication and teamwork skills, because the international working environment requires tolerance and respect for another culture or religion - emphasizes Aleksander Markish from HR agency REED. 


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