Friday, 1 June 2012

Eco-industries: a sustainable and competitive option to increase growth and jobs

JRC conference Scientific support for growth, jobs and sustainability: the example of eco-industries, held on Tuesday 15 May in Brussels, emphasised the unique role eco-industries can play in Europe's economic recovery and sustainable future. It was discussed how scientific support can boost the growth of eco-industries.

In his closing remarks at the end of the conference, JRC Director-General Dominique Ristori emphasised the need for action. Science and innovation are crucial for technologies to meet the new challenges in this process. Eco-industries ( Green ) can be an answer to the challenge of combining growth and protection of the environment. He also stressed the need to propose integrated solutions, as air, water, waste and energy challenges (the fields in which eco-industries work) are closely interlinked. He highlighted that the JRC will support focused innovation in close co-operation with key partners from public administrations, industry and the science community. He also raised the challenge of costs and risks of developing and introducing new technologies and suggested they should be shared by public and private partnerships.

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