Sunday, 3 June 2012

New Skills, matching jobs with market needs, reforms proposed by the E.U. to face unemployment

The European Union recommends the national governments to undertake actions in a concerted way so as to match jobs with the needs of the labor market, to create new jobs and invest in new skills. Job creation is one of the major issues that concerns E.U. so as to deal with the financial crisis. Unemployment has reached record levels – nearly 24.5 million people are unemployed - more than 10% of the workforce. To face this problem, the Commission prepares a set of recommendations on how the demand for workers can be increased so as to help them find a job. These recommendations are designed to give to job seekers more opportunities for training and employment. Those who are already employed can acquire more training skills that are necessary to new needs of their work. Employers who create new jobs will also receive funding.
Read the whole article in Greek here.

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