Friday, 15 June 2012

U.K. Government sets green ICT targets for 2015

The government is aiming to achieve 10 improvements in its green ICT practice by the end of 2014-15, along with using more efficient data centres and recycling much of its computer hardware, according to a new document from the Cabinet Office. Greening Government: ICT Strategy, one of the sub-strategies of the Government ICT Strategy, makes the commitments as part of a four year implementation plan in an effort to reduce the environmental impact of its ICT estate and make it more energy efficient. 
One of the key targets is to achieve 10 of the 14 areas of improved practice outlined in an accompanying roadmap document. These cover procurement, energy management, consolidation, print, network rationalisation, supply chain, apps rationalisation, virtualisation, consolidation, data centre efficiency, storage rationalisation, recycling and ways of working.

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