Thursday, 12 July 2012

How to react to non routine situations ?

A very strong key issue for competitivity of companies and specially SME is the ability of the employees to have a good answer to non routine situations. Many companies have set up processes and procedures which allows to answer properly to mainly common situations (to be understand as a guide to adapt to specific situations) but the company added value is well developed specially when employees are efficient to deal with non routine situations and to have a good response, in accordance with the company strategy, with ethical issues, with a customer orientated approach. this is important to develop the confidence the users and customers can have with a company. 
The In Touch project driven at European level by different specialist of training and employment issues have published different documents about the importance of non routine situations and how to train to answer to them ! A mobile ICT game will be released soon to support those trainings . Also a specific training course is provided in ROMA from 10 to 12 October and is provided by CIAPE  “MOBILE LEARNING FACILITATORS FOR NON-ROUTINE SKILLS DEVELOPMENT IN SMES”

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