Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Is LinkedIn the #1 Recruiting Portal of the future?

Recently, ere.net, a specialized recruiting portal, dedicated a whole week to the successful LinkedIn portal. ere.net unified the point of views of a wide range of authors on the use of LinkedIn, and concluded on the 20 Reasons why LinkedIn will be the 1 recruiting portal of the future.

These are the top reasons described by Dr. John Sullivan, author of the article:

Strictly sourcing related reasons to use LinkedIn:

1.    It has a high passive to active member ratio
2.    The number of members continues to increase
3.    Its database quality can be verified
4.    It is referral-friendly
5.    Its profiles are easily comparable and searchable
6.    Its profiles are accurate
7.    LinkedIn can help you identify when someone is about to begin looking
8.    LinkedIn makes it easy to apply
9.    It has a job-posting capability
10.    It provides recommendations and facilitates introductions
11.    It facilitates event recruiting
12.    It includes executive search capability

Non-sourcing related reasons for using LinkedIn:

1.    A powerful talent management research capability
2.    It offers many professional learning groups
3.    It provides an easy reference snapshot
4.    It supports employer brand building
5.    It allows you to poll
6.    It is integrated with many other services
7.    It allows InMail for communications
8.    It provides an advertising capability

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