Friday, 8 March 2013

Training in line with times and market needs: ICT and e-Tourism

According to WTO, the Internet is playing a fundamental role in the distribution of tourism information and sales. Increasing proportion of users are buying services on–line, in this sense, online booking and reservation services have been widely accepted among both leisure and business travelers to a degree where it is true to say that "e-tourism" has taken off and the touristic sector will gain a larger and larger share of the online commerce market. 

In the light of these fast and stimulating challenges, the eTourism Framework consortium is pleased to announce its 1st Seminar that will take place in the Villa Spinola Grimaldi inside the Parco Tigullio, in Lavagna (Genova), Italy on March 19th 2013

The event will start at 3.00pm with a presentation of the eTourism Framework project’s scopes, objectives and expected outcomes. It will then continue with interactive Round Tables of the "World CafĂ©" type, composed of about 10 key experts from an international perspective and from industry and training institutions to discuss relevant questions for e-Tourism and how they are in line with times and market needs. 

For further information about this event please contact the local organizers FOR SAS Mrs. Paola Del Giudice at 
For more information, please visit the e-Tourism section of the e-Jobs Observatory:

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