Friday, 26 April 2013

French AAL sector is on the way

Michele Delaunay French Minister for Elderly and Autonomy, in cooperation with Arnaud Montebourg, Minister of Industrial renewal has launched the Silver Economy field by creating a special comitee on April 24th .

France has 15 Millions of elderly people and 900 millions in the world. This represent a large market that would lead Europe to 0.25 % of growth every year.

Silver Economy is represented by 600 companies, which will be supported by special actions from The Public Investment Bank (BPI)

Major leaders in the field of AAL are invested in this action such as Legrand, Orange, french Postal Service, Essilor or Toshiba with a large number of Start Up and SME all over the country.

A national (or international label should be created in next years to support the branch and ensure quality and adequation with users and market needs.

The e-jobs-Observatory clearly support those actions and will publish in next weeks professional profiles in the field of AAL and will publish Training guidelines for training organisations.

Professional roles profiles are under open evaluation at the moment on the e-Jobs AAL Corner

Source: Usine Nouvelle

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