Monday, 6 May 2013

Always in final round and not elected ? Check your soft skills demonstration !

You apply for different recruitments, you are often chosen for final selection, but do not get the job ... One of the most probable issue is that you fail to demonstrate your "soft skills" !

In a recruitment process, as analysed by the e-jobs Observatory in different e-jobs fields, the first step is to eliminate the candidates which technical skills does not fit to the organisation criteria, then in a second step, the final decision is done on transversal skills and mainly on the non formal competences. Miriam Salpeter journalist at US news explain clearly "how it does not work" sometimes ! She proposes 5 decisive issues : Work ethic, positive attitude, communication skills, Time management and self confidence. those issues are not the only one, but as we analysed job market in Europe they are clearly an important issue !

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