Thursday, 10 October 2013

Hard skills gives you the interview, soft skills the job !

The International e-Jobs Observatory study, since many years the employment needs in the e-Jobs field. One of the most important issues of the studies is that you obtain an interview by showing your "hard" we mean technical skills, but this is not enough to get the job ! The final decision is done through the evaluation that the recruiter have about your "soft" skills, which are mainly team spirit, communication, cooperation....

In a world where most of things (competences included) are evaluated with numbers, we can notice that the so called "soft skills" have no exact tool to evaluate them and that the evaluation is always a personal evaluation of the recruiter ! nevertheless developing adequation between your personal skills and what is required in business is the only way to get a job, and of course to keep it.

An European consortium, supported by Cambridge University have developed studies and tools to support evaluation of "soft skills" and can be used by students, or job seekers, trainers and teachers and by companies managers or recruiters !

To be aware of the importance of the soft skills and to identify a way to improve them, to develop them and to SHOW them during interview or in any relation you have with recruiter is decisive in a recruitment process !
Those abilities and skills can be shown during interview, but also are a part of your numeric identity ! 90 % of recruiter, before engaging you, will type in your name in Google, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn ! If they do not find you, this will generate a doubt ! and reduce your chances to get the job ! if your numeric identity does not fit with what is waited by the recruiter, you will not have the job, but someone else will have it !

Show everyday what you can bring to a company and have a look on the advices and issues of the DAISS project !

Just think, in a recruitment process, what is the difference between TO TAKE A RISK and TO TAKE A CHANCE ! The difference is slight but so important !

The DAISS project and SelfAwareness issues  :

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