Friday, 13 December 2013

CompAAL was presented to the members of the IT and Communication Social Dialogue Committee (IKPB) in Budapest

The Hungarian IT and Communication Social Dialogue Committee (ITDC)* organised its regular meeting on 19 November 2013 in Budapest, within the framework of which the results of the CompAAL project were presented to the participating experts, involved in ICT education development in Hungary. 

The event hosted 4 presentations followed by a discussion among the participants. Ms Erzsébet Szlamka, representing the Educational Authority, provided an overview of the European Qualifications Framework and the status of the development of the National Qualifications Framework in Hungary (MKKR). Her presentation was followed by a detailed introduction into the vocational training related national sub-project of MKKR. Ms Kinga Szebeni, National Labour Office, indicated that by mid 2013 the classification of each vocational training must be completed. 

The third presentation was given by Ms Klara Süveges-Heilingbrunner, representing the ICT Association of Hungary which is the Hungarian partner of the CompAAL project. Ms Süveges-Heilingbrunner informed the participants on the results of the CompAAL project which is close to its termination. The presentation provided an overview both on the 5 Rob Profiles in the field of AAL, defined by the CompAAL experts, as well as the Training Guide which has been elaborated for VET providers, employers and employees involved or interested in AAL related vocational trainings.

Within the framework of the last presentation, Mr József Mlinarics, member of ITCDC, informed the audience on the eJobs Observatory, its functionalities and services.

ITCDC is a bilateral forum operating on sectorial  level. It is a body that implements interest representation, interest protection, interest mediation and interest conciliating tasks at work. Its aim is to achieve constructive co-operation of the social partners. The participants observe the national laws, the EU directives and the valid agreements of each sector.

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