Monday, 28 April 2014

ECVET in Poland

Until recently, credit accumulation and transfer was not widely used in the Polish VET system. However, the last two years brought significant changes in the law regulating the formal initial VET and continuing VET systems. The changes are primarily aimed at improving the link between vocational education and labour market needs, popularising vocational education for adults and creating more flexible learning pathways. In many ways, they are in line with the ECVET technical specifications. Horacy Debowski and Wojciech Stechły, ECVET Experts Poland, Educational Research Institute in Warsaw, provide insights of the implementation of ECVET in Poland in the ECVET Magazine for March (Nr. 18). 

The views of both Horacy Debowski and Wojciech Stechły are of great importance to the eVirtue project, the outputs of which will be based on the ECVET principles. Within the framework of eVirtue, a Roundtable is foreseen to be organised in Poland in autumn 2014. The Roundtable, which will gather experts from the VET field and relevant stakeholders in Poland, aims at receiving feedback on the first outputs of eVirtue, namely Role Profiles in the field of Virtual Learning, as well as communicating about the project to the Polish constituency.

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