Monday, 19 May 2014

Join the AAL Consultant Pilot Training organized by the Hellenic Open University in Greece

The Hellenic Open University (HOU) through the Educational Content Methodology & Technology Laboratory (e-CoMeT Lab, organizes a short-term training program within the context of the European Project Transfer of Innovation - Leonardo da Vinci, named " EngAGEnt : Development and validation of a curriculum for vocational AAL education".

The training will help graduate students in the field of health care and related fields to improve their qualifications, by focusing on a rapidly emerging yet rather underdeveloped field such as AAL. In so doing the training aims at providing future professionals with better quality of vocational education in the AAL field and enhance their mobility in the area of AAL. 

The short- term training will be held on 30-31/5/2014 and 01/06/2014 and 5-7/6/2014, at the premises of Hellenic Open University in Patras, Greece. The training program addresses to senior undergraduate or graduate students coming from Departments / Faculties of Health Sciences or Departments / Faculties of Computing and will take place in two parts: 
  • Part A: 30-31/5/2014 and 01/06/2014: "Project Management" (in Greek) 
  • Part B: 5-7/6/2014: "Technical assistance systems" (in English)

Those who complete the training program will be able to discuss and implement AAL solutions to address individual needs of the elderly people (including technical knowledge and social skills).

You may find more information at the following website:  or you can send an email at the address:

Download the schedule of the pilot training!

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