Monday, 9 February 2015

eLearning Professionals

One of the most challenging aspects of professional development is making the right contacts and finding the help one needs when it is needed. As is so often the case in the online world, many sites simply fade, stop working or stop being supported. Unfortunately, the Internet never forgets.

One site online does hold out some promise of currency and activity, namely eLearning Industry. Don't consider this so much an endorsement as a tip or pointer to something you might be looking for. In looking for information on "elearning Professionals", I came across a 25-page ebook on the topic, which looked as well as if it had been forgotten. It appeared to be about a year or more old, but there were a couple of hello-is-anybody-there comments as well. By shortening the URL, I got to the main site.

Here it looks like something is happening. Though a .com URL, it would appear that the real purpose of the site is to network, provide help and support and resources for anyone and everyone involved in the elearning enterprise. It will take a while to explore it all, but if you are on the lookout for something to help you career-wise or professionally, you may want to stop by their site for a visit.

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