Saturday, 18 September 2010

Online recruitment

According to a study published by Cadres-Online recruiting on the internet is more and more difficult for recruiters: all year long there are about 300 000 positions available and published at the same time on the internet. Meanwhile, millions of applications are sent and recruiters who receive large amounts of applications have difficulties analysing all applications to make the good choice.
Most applicants seem non relevant to recruiters.... Time to process applications increases, recruiters do not have the time to answer all applications...

This study analyses the problem for large companies, but imagine the difficulties met by SMEs and very small companies! If they publish an add for a recruitment, they receive hundreds of applications they are unable to manage.

Recruiters (small or large) increasingly abandon the "usual process" and develop the use of other recruiting media: social networks, Google searches, blogs, forums...They search for a profile then contact directly the targeted person.

This leads to changes in the recruitment approach as well for recruiters, candidates and intermediaries in the recruitment process.

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