Wednesday, 24 November 2010

New European agenda to promote skills for future jobs

The European Commission adopted on 23 November 2010 its “Agenda for new skills and jobs” in which it outlines ways to ensure that there are enough people with the right education and skills to fill the jobs that will be created in the coming years.

The “Agenda for new skills and jobs” is one of seven flagship initiatives in the framework of the Commission's 2020 Strategy. According to this new agenda, Member States must increase efforts to help workers learn the skills needed to perform in the high-skilled jobs to be created in growth sectors in the coming years.

The 'Agenda for New Skills and Jobs' sets out actions in four areas: the functioning of the labour market, skills, job quality & working conditions and job creation. The agenda proposes 13 specific actions at EU level to be carried out in partnership with governments, social partners and civil society.

Visit the "New skills for new jobs" portal - Download the “Agenda for new skills and jobs”

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