Monday, 3 January 2011

German BIBB (Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training) evaluates IT vocational training system

The launch of a new continuing IT vocational training system in the IT sector in Germany eight years ago was accompanied by wide advance praise and high expectations. In the following years it was often deemed the "perfect example" for the reorganisation of a continuing training system and considered a role model for other sectors. Have these expectations been met? What does reality look like eight years on? The Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB) wants an exact picture and is therefore currently conducting a broad-based study to evaluate the continuing IT vocational training system.

In the first phase of this study, employees at IT Professional level are being asked to report on their experience in an anonymised online survey. The online questionnaire can be accessed at the BIBB homepage. The BIBB study aims to examine the benefits that continuing IT training brings and determine where graduates from these training programmes currently are. This information will enable conclusions to be drawn on how the continuing IT vocational training system could potentially be further developed and refined. Initial findings are expected to be available in summer 2011.

Background: The new continuing IT vocational training system was developed to open up new career avenues in the IT field, particularly for individuals who have completed dual vocational training (which combines part-time schooling with practical work experience) and to improve permeability and mobility between the vocational training system and the university sector. As part of the new system, continuing IT vocational training programmes were developed at three qualification levels: IT Specialist, Operative IT Professional and Strategic IT Professional. At the same time, this work also aimed to introduce the concept of work-process-oriented continuing vocational training in enterprises. The fundamental idea behind work-process-oriented continuing vocational training is to closely link learning and work with one another in enterprises. In addition to this, the new continuing IT vocational system will also serve enterprises as a strategic personnel development instrument.

(BIBB press release November 2010)

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