Monday, 14 February 2011

CeBIT 01/03/2011-05/03/2011 in Hanover - IT meets HR - Human Resources Forum 2011

Finding the correct employees and keeping them at your own company can be a challenge given today's economic climate with its dynamic growth markets, shortage of technical specialists, and increasingly international competition for well trained professionals.
There are currently around 28,000 open jobs for IT specialists in the German economy. According to recent studies, the demand for specialists with certification from a technical school is due to rise over the next several years, further complicating the problem.
Working relationships are increasingly becoming fragile constructs that after just a few short years begin to lose relevance. At the same time, experts are required with increasing frequency for extremely specific niche topics. The crisis is over; competition for qualified employees is steadily growing stronger.
How will the ICT sector cope with this development? How can personnel managers find the right candidates given the complexities of today's job market? And how can they maintain their company's critical competitive edge for as long as possible?
The BITKOM conference "IT meets HR" at the CeBIT 2011 will bring together major decision-makers to discuss different strategies and concrete approaches to solutions. With representatives of the industry, we would like to discuss successful personnel management as well as strategies for securing the best minds for your company.
In addition trends, needs, and perspectives from the ICT job market will be explained. Social Recruiting and Employer Branding are among the other areas that will be analysed. What will most significantly affect the job market in the future and what results can successful compensation policies be expected to deliver? A diverse panel of industry experts will address these topics and others such as employee loyalty and health/fitness concepts. Finally, a panel discussion will provide a platform for exchange and questions.


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