Monday, 14 February 2011

The German ICT Industry - Looking Optimistic Towards the Future

  • The industry generates a sales voume of about EUR 123 billion annually
  • Market shae in Europe: 18.9%
  • It is the second largest market behind the UK (19.9%)
  • The sector imported EUR 38.6 billion in 2009, with ICT hardware products making up almost half of the imports
  • The German IT sector is a net exporter of IT services
  • The industry has a workforce of 846,000 employees
  • 73% of the German private households have internet access
With 82 million inhabitants, the German market is very attractive to foreign ICT companies seeking to increase their market share. The country is still a net importer of ICT products, especially of hardware and consumer electronics. According to BITKOM, 71 percent of ICT providers expect overall growth in 2010, with software houses and IT service providers being the most optimistic towards the future. Furthermore, 62 percent of communication technology suppliers anticipate a growth in revenues.


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