Thursday, 24 February 2011

What technology wants

There is an thought-proking review of Kevin Kelly's lastest book, and most interesting because it takes a healthy, and somewhat critical, look at both the text and its author. (Here's the link.) Kelly, as one of the most outspoken advocates of technological progress, has produced a couple of books certainly worth reading. Whether he's done it again in at present an unanswered question.

There is no arguing that benefits have been derived from modern technologies, but it is also possible to go somewhat over the top in one's enthusiasm. The mere mentioning of the "net generation", for instance, causes some people's hearts to beat faster, yet there is seriously little evidence to support the idea that one really exists (at least as most often described). Like too many other popular notions, the concept is more emotional than rational, increasing the possibility that it can be used for all the wrong reasons. Perhaps Mr. Kelly in all his enthusiasm should perhaps give that some thought.

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