Friday, 20 January 2012

Distance Selling & e-Commerce Conference, January 23 Athens

The aim of the Distance Selling & e-Commerce Conference 2012, is to reveal the ways and tools that make e-business, more competitive, versatile and customer-centric, as well as to identify barriers that exist and close the way to further development of e-commerce. Also, suggest modern (and proven) practices and practical technology solutions that will overcome these obstacles. The Conference aims to help business interested in forming a comprehensive and effective strategy that will create benefits for the entire industry.

The Conference will try to answer – among others - the following questions:
• Are Greek e-businesses competitive?
• Do they offer the customer experience that the customers expect?
• Which are the steps to be done to lead to development?
• Do they have recognizable brands trusted by customers?
• Do they have innovative and secure payment systems?
• Are the infrastructure and legislative framework sufficient for further development?
• Which are the innovations in the field of logistics and distribution?
• Is mobile commerce the next bet?

The Conference refers at all business in Greece that either activate, plan to operate or supply companies at Distance Selling. Invites all senior executives who specialize in marketing, business development, IT, customer service, procurement, e-commerce, multichannel marketing, direct marketing, logistics, market research from the following sectors: Retail, Travel Services, Hospitality, Transport / postal Services, Banking Services, Telecommunications, Electronics / Computers, Entertainment, Internet.

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