Tuesday, 22 May 2012

e-Skills Manifesto signed in Copenhague, Denmark

To unlock the potential of e-Skills to fuel growth and jobs, key players involved in the European e-Skills Week 2012 are committed to the essential principles contained in the ‘e-Skills Manifesto’ and summarised below:

- Commit to be more competitive through investment in ICT and ICT skills. 
- Address youth unemployment in Europe through e-Skills.  
- Foster IT leadership. 
- Commitment to life-long education and training.
- Invest in innovation.
- European leadership of global standards
- Commitment to cooperation
- Commitment to solidarity in a Digital Europe
- Prioritize e-Skills policy and scale-up implementation.

The guiding principles herewith are designed to chart a path which partners in the European e-Skills Week 2012 are poised to tread. Our commitment will secure jobs, enhance competitiveness of European business, and ensure that all Europeans enjoy the benefits of the Information Society.

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