Thursday, 14 June 2012

Cloud computing – a green opportunity or climate change risk?

Cloud computing has its benefits - but as data centres are often in remote locations are they dangerously prone to the effects of climate change? Cloud computing enables users to to share resources and carry out tasks remotely. Rather than using your own local PCs or servers to do the work, you connect to a remote data centre, often provided by an IT services or software company. It means more computing is migrating to purpose-built data centres.

From a low carbon perspective it's no bad thing. Data centres tend to be more energy efficient than individual servers distributed around an organisation and, while there is still vast room for improvement, many companies are working to make their computing facilities more energy efficient. Software and IT services suppliers, for example, have been vying to be seen as the greenest provider – apart from the PR value there is a great deal of money to be saved in greater energy efficiency.

More information about the full article on the Guardian

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