Wednesday, 13 June 2012

It is better than expected - many job opportunities in high-tech industries !

According to report "Labour Market for Professionals in Q1 2012" the first quarter of the year 2012 was still a good time for professionals in high-tech industries.

Summary: The beginning of 2012 was a good time to look for work in high-tech industries - according to the report "Labour Market for Professionals in 2012", prepared by experts of portal.

Key findings:
- In the first quarter of this year the site published a record number of job adverts - over 91 thousand.
- The number of adverts published in Q1 2012 compared to the Q4 of 2011 increased by 21%.
- Employers in high-tech industries publish more and more job offers

A few months ago it seemed that this year will be more difficult in the labour market than the last, because when the Polish government announced economic growth of 2.5% it was expected that the number of recruitment projects will slightly decrease. Fortunately it is not the case until now. There are no signs of stagnation or recession on the labour market for skilled workers, professionals and managers in Q1 2012.

Click to download the full report "Labour Market for Professionals in Q1 2012"


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