Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Digital Trends 2012 Conference, Enabling Mobile Technology, Athens, 14th December 2012

Since the ICT sector is radically influenced by Mobile Technology, the ICT department is called to design or adopt the appropriate applications that will improve customer experience and increase the competitiveness of products and services.Given the increasing tendency of businesses to outsource the design and the development of Mobile applications, while at the same time disregard the resources of ICT and the role of CIO, Digital Trends 2012 will help ICT Directors to formulate a comprehensive strategy for the adoption of Mobile Technologies.
Following the successful organization of the European conference “Digital Trends 2011”, Digital Trends 2012 is a unique opportunity for professionals to get the appropriate know-how on the effective use of Mobile Technologies. To meet distinguished professionals, in a one-day conference and a half-day workshop, and to be informed about the emerging and unprecedented world of Mobile.

Event Organizer: Manolis Labovas (Assistant Marketing&Program Manager at ΕΔΕΠ - HEPIS). More information about the topics you may find here.

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