Wednesday, 26 September 2012

«State of Art» in the field of Green IT

In Europe energy is mostly provided by a mix of fossil energy sources and nuclear power with small addition of renewable sources such wind, solar, hydroelectricity…Last studies shows that 10% of the total electricity produced is use by computers in large parts of the world.
Reducing footprints from IT industry is one of the main aims of the European Commission and from the governments of member states. The IT industry has started from last years to develop a more sustainable approach and reduce footprints of the industry.

This move starts since the conception of the devices, organised and designed to produce less wastes, less sub products, and of course less consumption of electricity. For this purpose Green IT specialists are engaged in companies to support the “Green Approach”. The benefits for the IT industry stay in less costs of production, less waste to retreat and of course, when devices consume less electricity this costs less for the companies. This is the “Win-Win” Green approach! To sustain this strategy, more and more companies try to engage specialists, of Green IT, or specialists who are able to support the green implementation.

Few training organisations such universities or high schools provide specific teaching for green. It is why a consortium of different organisations dealing with IT, and trainings are studying the Green IT market needs, define European Specialists Profiles for Green ICT, and will provide training guidelines to training organisations to train the future specialists of the sector.

The first findings by analysing the working field are clear, Green IT competences are transversal; Technical competences are the basic to integrate companies with green objectives. Those competences can stay in designing, organise new devices, or process, but to be efficient specialist have to do their work with a long term perspective on how to manage the technical change in the line of the global strategy of the company. They also have to understand the business of the company and to stick with it. Also a very important competence is to deal with change resistance inside the company or with customers and network of the company! This is not the most easy to acquire but is decisive in the recruitment process : ability to analyse, to assess, to teach, to guide colleagues, and customers, to deal with ability and psychology with partners and members of the team is absolutely decisive. The European Specialist Profiles for Green IT professions show the most important competences in this emerging field who take more and more space in the business area.

Author: Francois Adoue
Maison de la promotion Sociale
Director of e-Jobs Observatory
Région de Bordeaux , France

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