Monday, 17 September 2012

First serious signs of Polish economy slow-down - report labour market for professionals in Q2 2012 published !

According to report "Labour Market for Professionals in Q2 2012" the second quarter of the year 2012 was not a good time for professionals anymore. According to the report Polish employers have become reluctant. 

The regular report "Labour Market Professionals" shows that for the first time since global crisis the Polish labor market begins to deal with stagnation. Although, month-to-month decline in the number of job adverts is not large, the quarterly analysis shows that employers are less likely looking for new employees than in Q1 2012. 

Key findings:
- In Q1 2012 the site published nearly 83 000 jobs adverts, about 9% less in comparison to Q1 2012;
- The increase of job adverts was recorded only in two sectors: transport and logistics (+10%) and in the legal industry (+5%);
- The biggest collapse was noticeable in the construction and real estate sector - a drop of nearly 25% was noticed

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