Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Google invest 1 billion dollars in renewable energy

Google has invested 200 millions  dollars to by a wind electricity farm in Texas in Spinning Spur Wind Project by buying this winf farm from the french electricity producer EDF. It is a 70 turbine plant who produce since end 2012 161 Megawatt. Google owns since 2010 10 electricity farms from wind and from solar to feed his 8 datacenters in US for a total of investments of 1 billion dollars and a production of 2 Gigawatt (twice production of a  nuclear plant)

Google is one of the most investing company in the world for Green IT and received from Greenpeace the Cool IT award 2012.

This is one part of the Google Green IT policy, this also include processes and devices specially designed to improve an energy efficiency in all settlements from the company.

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