Monday, 22 April 2013

ICT for Sustainability 2013 conference: Outcomes - How to Improve the Contribution of ICT to Sustainability

The event was held in Zurich last February 2013. The experts provided a set of guidelines which are summarized in the Conference Recommendations report. The speakers and participants of ICT4S 2013, in fact, endorsed a set of recommendations to stakeholders derived from the research results presented and discussed at the conference. Statements provided by the speakers before the conference were compiled to a draft document that was then being discussed in plenary sessions. The main directions of impact of this document can be grouped into three categories with two main issues in each category: 
  • Sustainability in ICT: there is a large unused potential to save energy by designing software for energy efficiency. The power of software should be used more systematically to reduce the energy consumption of hardware.
  • Sustainability by ICT: ICT offers a high potential for more intelligent energy management in buildings, in particular for heating and cooling and in connecting the buildings to smart grids. Smart homes and offices can substantially contribute to sustainability.
  • Overarching Aspects: ICT applications can and should be used to create incentives for more sustainable behavior and to support people systematically in adopting more sustainable lifestyles.

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