Monday, 27 May 2013

Confidence between customers and operators : Success key for e-Tourism

e-Tourism is one of the engines for development of tourism industry specially for independant hotels, while international chains have quality standards which are well known by custommers. Operators need to be trustable on long term in order to develop confidence from customers. Actually some actors have a small term view, in order to catch customers without ensuring the service they are waiting for. 

A french study from Hotel, caf├ęs and restaurants newspaper, analyse some key points that customers declare as important issues such Wifi access. 34 % of hotels visitors (and 54 % of business visitors) declares that free efficient wifi access is the most important issue they look when booking an hotel. At the same time, some hotels and operators develop a "free access" where access to email and VPN are intentionnally blocked and very small broadband, and they propose a "premium access" where broadband is wider, access to emails is allowed, as well as VPN. the cost of this "premium access" can be up to 25% of room cost. Booking portals (including market leaders) argue that they just forward informations given by hotels and decline their responsability about informtions given ! Even when they are informed about wrong informations they continue to deliver them ! 

This clearly decrease the confidence the customers have on those operators. When analysing e-Tourism market, the e-Jobs Observatory identified the customer orientation, as well as ethical way of marketing as one of the main issue for e-Tourism !....

Source : le Cercle Les Echos

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