Thursday, 23 May 2013

ADvanced monitoring serVices of Elder via sensor NeTworks (ADVENT)

ADVENT is a project funded under the action “Cooperation 2011 - Productive and research institutions’ partnerships in targeted research and technology domains”, of the National Strategic Reference Framework 2007-2013, Greece

It focuses on the area of Personal Health Systems, in the field of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL), where it proposes a novel platform to support the provision of a comfortable and safe environment for daily living of elders, while retaining their mobility and independency. This will be achieved through advanced technologies in various research fields that will be integrated in a specially designed platform, in order to facilitate the provision of a coherent set of personalized services. 

The main objectives of ADVENT are to develop and implement the ADVENT platform, as well as a series of health-related and general purpose assistive services. An ultimate objective is the creation of the proper conditions to assist elderly people to carry out their daily activities with improved security, confidence and efficiency. ADVENT will deploy a system architecture for real-time data acquisition from heterogeneous sources: bio-sensors, sensing devices providing context data (e.g. location) and user profiles providing personal data enriched with context-related information. These data will be properly processed to produce medical knowledge for decision support purposes and facilitate personalized service delivery. 

ADVENT will develop a prototype product to provide automated assistance to the elderly at home, targeting a market that promises to grow as people live longer. The technologies utilized within ADVENT will produce a prototype modular package, with interfaces that will be very easy to use, integrated with hardware and software components that will encompass 2nd and 3rd generation telecare. The package will be embedded in a holistic service concept, targeting the actual needs of the elders’ independent living and it will be tested and evaluated in real-world contexts.

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