Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Belgium is facing a shortage of 11.700 ICT specialists

In Belgium companies and the Government is looking for rather than 11.700 ICT experts, according to the result of a study presented by Agoria, the Technology Industry Federation and the AXA group.

"These digital experts are crucial for the smooth running of our Industry and Authorities" says the director of Agoria ICT, Bauduin Corl├╣y. He adds that "if we were able to meet all the ICT functions open at this moment, our country would increase its GDP of 1.3 billion euros". Even if Flanders has the largest number of jobs (8000), Brussels is looking for 2000 - 3000 ICT experts. 

According Agoria, business-consultants (3,472 vacancies) topped the list of functions shortage, followed by solution developers and applications (1853) and specialists in operations and maintenance (1051). "The number of jobs in this sector continues to grow," says Corluy, but "there is a structural imbalance between demand and supply of ICT profiles," he laments.

To decrease the gap between the demand of ICT experts and the shortage of skilled people, the e-Jobs Observatory works closely with SMEs and Training Organisations through Europe. It created structured ICT Role Profiles and training guidelines.

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