Friday, 30 November 2012

e-Jobs Observatory participated in the European Employment Forum in Brussels

On 27/28 November 2012, the e-Jobs Observatory participated in the European Employment Forum in Brussels, an annual conference and exhibition focusing on the major social and economic issues surrounding employment and creating an effective discussion and meeting forum. The Observatory presented its solutions for tackling jobs mismatches, skills gaps and unemployment in the ICT sector.

Representatives from the e-Jobs Observatory, through their participation in conference sessions, focus group sessions and exhibitor presentations, highlighted the key role of e-Skills in the fight against shortages in the ICT sector and unemployment .

Adriana Baer, Coordinator of the ProInterNet project, presented the structure and strategy of the e-Jobs Observatory through the Exhibitor presentation: "Fighting e-Skills Shortages and Unemployment: the e-Jobs Observatory". 

Ed Mahood, Chairman of the e-Jobs Observatory, showcased the e-Jobs Observatory as an alternative to e-Skills Shortages and unemployment at the conference session: "Austerity and Jobs: Impacts and alternative approaches".

Philippe Wacker, Director of the e-Jobs Observatory, engaged the audience in an active discussion during his presentation "Seizing the opportunity of e-Jobs" at one of the focus group sessions.

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  1. I think, the Forum was an excellent platform for the presentation of the ProInterNet project and the e-Jobs Observatory. The broad audience and the frequentation of the e-Jobs Observatory booth confirmed our decision to attend this forum!