Friday, 30 November 2012

Is there a chance to turn e-skills into jobs?

Aleksandra Nikolova is working on her own internet start-up company. A few years ago, she decided to quit university because she wasn't convinced she was learning any practical skills. "There are lots of young people who are just finishing university, they can't find a job because of lack of experience and they are disappointed with reality," says Aleksandra. 

But there are plenty of young people with excellent skills in programming, design or social marketing. Aleksandra is convinced there is a chance to turn those e-skills into jobs. In her free time, Aleksandra runs a website publicising business opportunities in the digital economy. Her site won an award during e-skills week, a campaign supported by the European Commission whose aim is to promote IT careers for young people. Aleksandra welcomes such initiatives: 

"Young people use the internet mostly for pleasure," she says. "They are searching for normal jobs, things that they find normal, they are not willing to take risks, and everything that is new for them is kind of a risk in their mind. There is, however, a growing number of young people in Sofia willing to take risks." It's now up to this dynamic new generation to show the way using their skills and creativity to turn ideas into reality.

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